Organizing an event can be a tiring and excruciating experience. Ensuring that everything goes according to plan, taking care of your patrons and making sure that they all have a fun time and experience can give any event organizer sleepless nights. A photo booth is one of the best icebreakers in any event whether a corporate dinner or lunch, a wedding, birthday or a product launch. Guests are able to completely let go and become a whole different person at the booth by pulling crazy and fun poses, playing around with props and coming up with creative and sometimes thoughtful poses. By far the most interesting and popular way to get guests in the mood at your event is by using props. Props can be funny, smart, themed, custom-made, and even a little playful. This is why we have come up with a complete guide on how to pick the prefect props for your event.

Themed Props
Depending on the particular theme of your event, you can choose to have themed props for your event. These are custom made for you and specifically designed to appeal to the particular audience present at your event. They are especially important in ensuring that guests stay consistent all through the event and the experience at the photo booth is consistent with the theme of the event. Popular themes include prom parties, Halloween nights, great Gatsby, high school themed or all black/ white events.

Gatsby Themed props


Event type
The type of event can help you choose the props you will have. Weddings, birthday parties, western themed events, 90’s vibe events will all have different props. Choosing props depending on the type of event you’re hosting will relieve your stress and make your event planning hassle-free.

Birthday Themed props

The vibe of the event
If an event is trying to project a certain vibe, props can help you achieve this. A baby shower event aimed at making the mom feel like a queen could use crowns and royalty-oriented props. An organizer aiming to maintain a theme through out an event can use props to reinforce this.
Photo booths are fun, but even more fun are photo booths with the right props for your event. We hope this guide will help you make and choose better and thoughtful props for your next event.

Fun props

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